Wednesday, January 18, 2012


runkus ,neck ,bot ,aiming’s
spitrinse past the s.p.a.t.t.y
mirror’s your corrugation
throat’s my whistle loup ,s
pyed a gristle d●t sticking
to my button .the looted
fog the empyrean sore the
cough shot lent to you a
,bristles’ fast descension
scrawled my eyes’ un
gummied ,never saw n
,ne ver lo acacaecido
en el callejón frutal lo
aperaecido y me corté
en dos en cuatro la cala
baza could I think in
five directions spurting
out the wrong cogote’s
cop car slowing at the inter
╬ section


chow flab ulent the crusty
nekkid done ,a fnort ,s l o w
blinder shot up from the plate
a crow shadow meat my comb
.pen dant rinse ,my hopping
bed re lented ,oompa salad
enter greens the fog soap I
eat the ate ,boils ,dung town
ah shoe was ,feelers ,trunced
the apple lisp an spoke the
spoke acid rising toward my
eyes .the run lake crowded
with your ice the gate wr
inkled ,was a towel stiffly
in the gutter’s all that
spit that cloud that l i n e
of fraying butts .meal me
one me too a shorter slab
is ready


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