Friday, January 13, 2012

Another chunk of Góngora transduced:

“Rays – less dice -, yeah white not Leda’s
tremulous highs, said of my fortune’s
terminal, luminous”. And rebelling
of invidious barbers’ harboured
interposition, calms
the vents nor conjugation unglues,
squalling hatchets the village’s
fragrant mountain’s facile lands,
attend the segue quarreled
(ahooga pest of the tender bells,
ahooga pest of the stray eclairs)
pedal, indignant tiara
(see tradition apocryphal not meant)
of animal tendrils’ coy front
car is brilliant in nocturnal day:
tall diligence the past
the jovial pressure,
mediating the specials
with equal pie to the race,
fixed, a dispatching of the nebbish fry,
in the carbuncle, north of sure aglued,
of the astral brain or the arbored crux.
The can yeah, vigilant,
convokes despective lamination,
and that which derailed
lust puckers perceives, the damp is bacon,
which tacks in hell the robust ensign,
maypole in zeniths deactive.
Leghole, pest, the mantel, and saluting
sin’s ambition, sin’s pump of palaver,
of the conductors fuel of capons
with a Vulcan’s tinted coronas.

“Oh bean denatured
iceberg, to crawl where whores,
temple of Pales, alcove of Flora!
no modern artifice of
bored designs, models baskets,
the concave adjustment of the ceiling’s
sublime edifice:
retain sober rubber
to fabric sound puddle,
do guard in visor the zero
innocence of the captain,
mass what the silver gains.
Oh bean denatured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!

“Not in tea Ambition’s moored,
hidropick vents,
nor that which element
the aspic is, gypped anus;
not that which, in vulture commencing human,
cables in mortal fire,
fingers bachelor
which hatchet oy Narcissus’
Ecos solicitous, disdained fonts;
nor that which in salvage gaskets impertinent
the pulverized temple massed precise:
ceremony profane
that Sincerity boils vile and
suppers the corvid cay.
Oh bean adventured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!

“Tusked tumbrels ignore
the Adulation, siren
of real palaces, core arenas
best yak’s tented leaning,
trophies dulcet of a corner swine.
No to Suppering state acquaint the Mental
adoring his pies, in quantum gyre
the sphere of his plums,
nor of his rays’ bah the spewing
favor of zero aligns.
Oh bean adventured
iceberg, to crawl where whores!”


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