Friday, January 27, 2012


Usher in your clip your cl::
oud your poco nad castrato
ado poised to fart~ the
fat off ,in the chorused
flat recovery ulent ward
les vents du temps chort
le ss truss than sticky
shorts O that’s the part
I want .esencia y cac
céntrica amatoria el ~hum
oido o~ de mi ore derecha
ja monito ,mostaza
puse ,jabón ,un lápiz
,el colmo de tus pul~
lumbres ~mones ,bruma::
del hablatorio perdido en
la calle ates de vacíos tada


dog load plummets ,nor my
playdough shimmers in the
sardine≈ oil a lungch of
corn and ~gas~ the buns
bar off king the loo
╤able ped a congruencia
templada con tu borra
instante chera combo in
that bottle spinning∂ like
my re acid flux us
age )≈drank the col
on fluid oscopy≈( )o( las
tripas § con ríos≈ los tor
reados mentosos ≈ túr
gidos que torpes ≈ corren
hacia el ladr fin ado


rope peel’s topiary’s nada
nodded long and stringy’s~~
soup congealed a fishhook≈
frosted in the fridge’s tied
against your wall ablinking
,wonder gullet ,nape or
napkin bleeding on your
pillow’s yore radish
,putrid ,transformation’s
cloud cerulean grime sp
attered on my ceiling ,’s
a sunken ship above me
licking’s at the air your
strands agrip pulls my
stomach out a porpoise
thrashed last month the
face chewed off I ,unh
,plodded barely ,’ploded
,pulled i


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