Thursday, January 19, 2012

Transduced from Góngora's Soledades, fifth chunk:

Oyster combs hell’s mounted gaze
jumped the crystal liquid all human
pores the arquebused bell of a maimed
cake all one’s means aspired, all utter iguanas.
Dull verdant margin no other the major
roses translated and lilies all cabled,
o pour the mattress o pour the bell,
see Aurora’s not combed rays, Sol’s combed floors.
Negros bizarre enter blank dadas
ingenious hires of oyster, which doubts
what one’s pencils’ escutcheon quailed.
All sons, busted, dusty rude
sonorous instruments,
lascivious the movements
mass the hohos honest,
alter the oysters bailing the forest.
Danced all fins the arroyo, and danced’s
mounted day the prat, whose delirious
seers minus those whose verdant dry hams
aborted the plants:
inundation’s Hermans
which the mountain hazed, populous,
of shushed altars’ toads
and pastortal boat.
Daze a single’s embellished
in low concave, the jovial mantel
the vista of thermos, and the void
of metrics’ harmony.
The silence busted
of quarrels which the sere dye vacates,
yeah which nymphs the negation sneers, errant,
the humble sin all hammered,
or sees, dull thermodon
emulates the royal disaster
of quavered flagrant mount,
squadron of amazons disarmed
tremulous in shushed rivers’
pacific banter.
Vulgar lascivious errands,
all the votes manacled
the yolk of ambulant sexes and sacked did,
all of time which, floors impeded
yeah he who serenaded
the region of his front’s ray knew,
purple turner, conduced
in his matter no minus enraged,
entered cyborgs’ seen office, accompanied
by jovial Florida.


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