Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sole Dadas, Chunk 8, Transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Of grime the tearing orbs lent,
reconoitering the mirror in the vessel
(which bubbles not puds nor ardent Sole
nor those who simper farmed cerulean signs),
a politician’s swearing,
on Cain’s grave, habit’s dusty manner:

“Caw tiger, the mass fire
climbs that famous curtain,
dyed with prime element
which all, yeah dust’s or of quavered mar, the prim
circles, a labrador’s fire,
the camp undulant in mall’s nascent pin,
vague Clicie of vents
in tails hasty ants what floor’s in line?
Mass arms introduced the east’s marine
monster escaped the robust hay
toward those whose tented mar divides and plays,
which confusion and fugues
the fridge’s moor the other leans and’s groped.
Nautica’s industry investigated’s tall peel,
which, crawled brazen heel
scolds, the metal hell fulminating
day which Mars sees vest and, lizardly,
solicits he whose mass brillos diamond
in the nocturne’s cape of the sphere,
stellar to nostril’s pole’s massed bacon,
and cons virtue’s non poked
distance sambuca,
elevated the incline
yeah of Aurora’s bell
the rosy balcony, yeah to law which seals’
cerulean tomb fried
the censors of day.
In’s east, place, frying attractive
dull north amassing dour, allowed rubber
not hay’s tormentous cable not doubled
nor island’s hole to his fugitive fuel.
Typhus the primier’s lean-to mall’s secure
conducted, munched leggos Palinore,
sees bean for a mar ambulant where the torn
steak’s dental hunch,
coils famous strained
lung and the other Alcydes’ lavage’s seared.
Pilot hole’s the Cuddly, not of errant
arbors, but mass of salvage inconstant,
the pattern of’s angled Ocean’s
(of coy monarchy
the Sole which cudded day’s
nacre in’s shushed undies and in’s undies mere
terminus the saber’s toads not queer)
deft primer of his cane spumante,
seen’s admitted second
knee inculcates his limits all mundane.


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