Monday, January 30, 2012

Sole Dadas, chunk 10, transduced from Góngora's Soledades:

Tamped logo astronomic presaging
frustrates, tamped nautical doctrine,
debates own day zone’s mass bacon
the Sole’s calm ventings and nerfage,
the reins of Aurora’s fine bezel,
purple cues seen pearls’ nests,
coiled mines secretive
oy tea guards his most precious gasbag.
The aromatic salvage penetrated,
what the payday of Arabia’s (coiled veil
arch Alladin is of seals,
not cured, mass tendoned)
pyre irrigation and his constructed nit.
Zodiac dust fuels crystal
a glorious pine,
emulates vague the ardent couch
of Sole, east’s element
that quartered vices halves sieve’s cements
docile the day and thalamus the notch,
wanders halls of fugitive plates
the viagra (junky stretch) embrazened
with an ocean and ortho, simpers under,
o column’s beast o scarlet
tapper of Aurora.
Ester, pus, nave hour
in the humid temple of Neptune’s
verily pendant to the immortal memory’s
numb cone of Victoria.
Of firm isles not the immobile float
in quandried mirror of Alba’s tea described,
coiled number, yea what’s not lascivious,
poured’s the bell, agravelled and poured the vein’s
dulcet confusion hatchets pods
which in the blank tanks of Eurota
the virginal design amounts
to hatcheting scolds or marvelled pairs,
o of terse marble shushed members’ bells,
where puds beaned Acteon’s perdition’s hells.
The bus divided in isles poked,
fragrant producer of quarreled aroma
which, transduced mall poured by Egyto,
retards the commendation’s Nile of shushed buckles
and hell’s mass retards the golashes’ Greece,
clay not, spoiled sea of appetite,
which quantum’s inner connotation retarded Rome
was templed Cato, cast Lucretia,
crated, wiggled, in tan uncertain moors,
donned cone my hazing
of almonds seen crated the major prawns,
coiled memory is beauty pensive”.

Insular pyres, conned east,
and in mist negated luggage the rest
of his discourse the mountains, prolix,
whiff the vents sued causal, the mere his hiccup.
Consoled puddle the pilgrim’s
cone lost of his dad’s curt history log,
see, blinking toads the shushed cargo,
crawled providence’s hormones to their messes,
not commencing yeah the mountains
to scum with their number the amenable,
and the ceiling pulverized. Juggled the veil
the turned hum or his venerable cane,
and levitating the forest, diced:

“Cable me hand hatchet, hee ho,
dusty hermit twists the serious:
see to neutrality’s suffered counsel,
and not tea force’s obligation precise,
the pie dud which in my alms yea tea’s hospital
high tea convicts all whose nose guards swain
political lo mein,
verdant mural of quarried booger begins
what a peso of essential frescos devised.
Segue to the feminine troops conmingled:
verily curious and onerous testicle
the thalamus of noose’s laborers,
who in too quality sandals major
my dangled hot dull ocean too pained
or reason’s faults donning supper’s anus”.

Mall puddles the stranger, degraded,
in tertiary tall negation’s tall company
and in’s tall noble occasion tall hostility.
Alleged pistols loll whacked, seen not the era
of choppy calls and of alamo’s careening,
the fresco of zephyrs rules,
the dense day of the arbor’s cell,
in doubt’s poem crawled’s major hazing
gruel the color or resistance all day.


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