Sunday, January 22, 2012


rumbo ,nodder ,flakes of
dreamed skin not left ,where
empty book ,a wheel gristles
in my gutter ,allá te rajas
,fonético ,phones the air
,deep rolling backward and a
grime welling in my ear ,tu
mbarlítico el cielo ¿qué dijo?
piedra invisible mas la
shadow clothes ,famous
like your twerp confection
,runny tools skreeking on
the glass .was told was
lot was knotty was un
blended on your forking sh
oe I set off un each one
,doubletime ,swallowed lard
and passed


the jailed nostril soap re
daction spreads my foggy
comb’s trot out the pill
runner ,bloaty shape of
chill the hamster steak
long grunting in my bed
your thistled light my
strung slowed pee .))best
drain the cow nailed a
gainst your Thermidor
,a tank leaks ,time con
gestion ,fills my ear and
I you flavor with the mi
rror’s back crushed the
comprimido ,frase impac
to ,me quiero nadiear ,su
nido en los gusanitos de mi
cara ((


my mot mute ,corner ,welter
or snore shaper twitching
in a blanket ,not ,tested ,s
aw the h u r l e d brick your
depth of feel the stinging form
dog’s sheet dentition ,subrepticio
,azucarado ,ladrillo ladrado en
el fondo del agua lacrante
,like a cloved ,an dipped ,the
sheety street steams as I
,passage walked thickly bl
inded by ,what hisses ,the
taquería con su vaho madre
,nothing nor I said ,waiting ,for
the whistle escrito ,ay ,mano
,¿dónde? ,)pigeon shitting on a
pole ⌠ . (


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