Friday, January 13, 2012

Foam Bomb

foam and rice nice hand home
to chip the cube lube a ship you
blazed a coffin often stayed away
or scrawled a belt felt or bawled a
rodent text lost cost the nexus mordant
ham sandwich wrote coated damn rich fan
muttered sitcom neck sick the shit and glitter
or your grainy plate’s late rain nor bomb

Gullet Mist

mist and sky dog fog my hand list
starkly floating in thin boat and dark
meal gnome names same groan peel
the parsnip’s mold gold lips tar huh
what each one said dead gun beached luck
mewling in the sand bland grin spewing
smoke and wind blind span a float
inside the kitchen drifting in the high thin
bullet or your towel bowel door or gullet

Under Yet

under the fork pork one blunder
dry your tassel hassle nor fly
and sticky watch spat sticky hand
o faucet’s sleeve breathe and toss
my shuddered lunch why bunch of blood
fingers all the stools the pool stalls linger
on the driveway day’s alive the bond
ushers in my throne my bone my stutter
neck less shirt dirt chest yet


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