Thursday, September 2, 2010

“La Corona Sin Cabeza”
-Manuel Acuña-

ona ano
taba la ausenci
a mis tripas singul
antes y de aguas dormid
aspirantes con palabras y piedras fornid
asquerosas y mi cornada cornuda mis ojo
sobrantes dormidos en mi peluca vací
andanada anonada la lengua chupa
dada a todos vient
oscuridades del cabez
óndulo ondi

John M. Bennett
Para Bibliana Padilla Maltos y César Espinosa

I Uh

I f aded uh ,sh uttered dog lamp s
piny d ice s pinning in the w i n d .
my forceps cor pse my n etted
leg b ringer c oiling in the so ap to
ot best of calendars and t hat
b arking do or .bugless bug less m
y ten ses ch arp an gr easy .saw d
ust s ped a way a limination pes
turd in the rag ged boo kmark wha
t I uh ,named an aimed ,gues sed th
e f loor .gr inning in the sc rim

Flap Lip

my lunch lept my lap sus tentada
crapulous peldaño úti l um
imado couldn’t see p nor lob flac
tory swirling in my leg .uminoso el
ácido de mi tunnelled sh ape so
grunty clack c lack cl ack bug
tortoise where my hat fell off
.the pig’s lack comb ,my bun
cha felt an clap my dent al
lunge my LUNGE


cute an cuke butt bit my ful
some KNEE shadow downword
craved a soak cracked a sock c
rawed a s ack ack .looming
dust my mo te my gut .lab
orioso ,pulido ,pusilánime y
dopeadicto leg long the tails )f
ulla( shale and moco cave of
sky my slathered thunder s
lopes downpill a river cough
ing in my shorts

crawl dead
spend dit


plunging past the gate
the past gate plunging

pest drift

bushy foot
the shave runner
piled the form


chur chur
sand sand

pulse map

die the

grunty grunty

shot itch
pale mire

folder cloud



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