Monday, September 27, 2010

Snake Fly

t loop t
t cluster bowl t
t nine deads craw t
t my melted phone axe t
t is cornered in the suit t
t case of drizzle time to grunt t
t pall t
t mud nor key blinking in soup t
t facial glare miles of link t
t tore my soapskin off t
t tasted lump sales t
t feathered arm t
t tool t

Gunned the Meat

p pause p
p to shoot p
p ash past floor p
p ink heel splits eye p
p raft of lint your sandwich p
p tracer point looms before the clog p
p neck p
p clogs before the loom point tracer p
p sandwich your lint off raft p
p eye splits heel ink p
p floor past ash p
p shoot to p
p pause p

lint soup ,miles

touseled air

pork o
doom thumb

blackened plate

ash wall
river intestine

duck duck

crass shirt
you jolt
ing fuck



lesser storm
boom mile

plan to think

the stone bit the
bit the stone the
stone the bit the
the bit stone the

ash leak

put the putz
horn hall damp

real luck


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