Friday, September 17, 2010

Washing Thoughts

uand cloudu
uthe past dripperu
ucuter than a shoeu
ufaster leg your tongue leaseu
ufloating was I stippled eye mistu
ublood a liver gunning over sheetsu
umy loot gripper falls awayu
uending clouds your lunchmeatu
uthe faucet calmu
upressed thumbu

let the shingle shoot
let shucks mind
let soon

to whistle
teeth splinter light
bomb bomb bomb bomb

shunt deck
louder pressure ear
fog ,lumber ,knives ,gate

triste puse el nixtamal
calzado ni pie
agua laca

park your sucking foam

dream waddle

the business gas
bloodied floor

the sleep door

moon knife
had to foot
grime illumination


runny ear the
lapsed truck the

change of turd

my sopping goat
raw cash

the sky wrung


nut booth
blam sting

gazing at the gate

Choose Cans

polled and lowered ,the shut foot
,gas ladder ,foaming pants creeping
down the stairs I chained my light
.dribble gun ,clock snapping at my
face a tortoise peering from my jaw
.the watered world ,the circled dogs the
.peldaño lumination !I caved a
home ,pistoled knockwurst sweating
at the lamp the lamp exploding like
a tunnel gristled in my sleep

Dawn Thud

paused to storm and I plowed
it out ,recent drinking in my
hatband a nickel sugar screened
I coughed ,formulation dimwit
or a rotting ear of corn boiling in
the lightswitch .it’s a gate of
wind ,a growling glass ,a stumble
and a rinse .it’s luggage foamed
,twisted at the neck

Loose Dime

cheese fog and my blinking ,blinker
crusted in the alley with the
boiling tune .black and forth ,the
green cave glistens in my stun
.uh huh uh haw the day was back
word counted like my leaky throat
so I ate some more .toil and
moon the shaved screen turns
jack inside my chest its bars and
dots splashing in a circle


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