Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ham and Fog

buzzing ham and sinking fog
fog buzzing ham sinking and
and fog sinking buzzing ham
ham and buzzing fog sinking
singing ham fog and buzzing
buzzing sinking and ham log
fog buzzing ham sinking and
and fog buzzing sinking ham
ham and fog sinking buzzing
buzzing ham and sinking fog

Wet Sleeve

belt night ,crawed sand mine temple
duster ,steaming lizard in the corn the
double dog embracing at’s the ack a
shirt soup spilled behind the middle
door your stepping in the mask my
meated place .steps and fog a bowl
of water ,smouldered book .felt right
plowed my hand crumpled ,leaning
toward the born the troubled clot
racing toward my back my dirt my
loop filled the dithered floor ,bl
anking in the task

Meat Race

nap and fork ,the leaf form crackled
in my ear a storm ,rats and lamps
.haw call ,hog ripple on my bubbled
shelf how you call ?its itch , a slab
bing forth ,the thief dappled and my
steer toward you ,the flaw flowed the
amble doubled ,the laps and starts
:called my gristle to the door


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