Tuesday, September 14, 2010

duck lock


too much said

north of wrist

bum mer

held my hand

yas ti

itching and floating
mud eye


o tunnel

load of cams

my force throat

steam the bundle

Saw Wet

the key foam the plunge dog the
mitey leg crotched an misty like
a cave of rain ,where the runny
suit an lunge .pastrami on your
shingles on your barking padlock
,bulb and throat .the water walks
toward hole toward streaky sun
toward cloud falling from my


Snored Flavor

said that short choke laddered ham steak
on the smoking floor my guzzled face
.louder drink hand an glu m ute ex
esencia so I “wasn’t there” I .bundled
storm ,flagger suit ah popping crash
!my fist of wallet black dot an 2
square doors



the bashed basket on the steps the
blink window shatters fingers gutter
down the door my hash an hymn my
flooder name scrambled in the suit
of coldcuts sewn ah poèsie ah dou
bled skirt frosted in the dawn
my yawning armpit gravel cr
unches toward the last dark my
shoes shiver on the topmost riser
,my “task’s a liver” ,floating toward
a sinking pool

Shore View

spreading the cash damper stinging
ship or trussed my sandwich falling
down my pants the drinking lamp the
ample gate wind .think of hash and
bread the crushed lip dangling in my
mirror the gasoline and toweling ,fog
and clanking plate o songy dirt o
alkaloid and dim shuffling past the
bed my bucks and fins my glanced
hole and lost my flickered tower
looming on the brink

The Lung Dance

the underfather the overtent the active
soap the stringing of the boots the
calling in the afterfart the what’s it’s
is the isn’ts scrawling toward the
funny soup the soup of thorns and shells
the trots and lumbers toward the dri
pping steps a burning shack on top the
canvas wall chars and disappears the
foam behind my brain the cups of
blackened oil the ladder falling
down a well the othermother the
motherfather hopping on my lips


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