Tuesday, September 21, 2010

pill bribes
oh ow

snot sleep
yes it is


the levered birds
mud pain

the wings ,the flakes ,the


my clam belt
foaming wall

loom ,rubble ,tooth

short shift

dripping knife

ear faucet

dink ,yes?

Tongue and Luggage

looser tongue my throat luggage
luggage looser tongue throat my
my luggage looser throat tongue
tongue my luggage throat looser
looser tongue my throat luggage


the box of water in my shoe the dripping
head in my shoe the strumming tooth
in my shoe the cash dump in my shoe
the soggy stone in my shoe in my
shoe the clasped ear in my shoe the
mirrored bee in my shoe the space of
wind in my shoe a cave was inside
out in my shoe a lobster and a coin
in my shoe a whistling from the
faucet of my left eye running in my
shoe the red letter from my right

Half Speak

beast of churning ,crumbled foam ,leaf
fatter thickens in my cap o runny
dog shingled with coins ,sleeping in a
red pool with charred eggs rimmed
.my tiny corn wig my pockets cra
mped with words the indirection sc
ummy like a dancing backwords to
ward the steps and puzzled foot
.drag your ear ,its leaking learn ,mum
ble in the phone

Cough and Count

,shoe spore ,mud file ,gas lock ,flake
song ,seep door ,mute leg ,trust clock
,more strode ,blut fog ,mail water ,sung
bone ,mute neck ,climb snort ,pile spent
,clam ghost ,spun air ,dime rabbit ,core
suit ,new snore ,flood smile ,glass dock
,shake wrong ,sleep spore ,cute egg ,crust
sock ,shore mould ,butt dog ,snail falter
,dung stone ,loot wreck ,mind short ,file
rent ,ham boast ,hung hair ,grime habit
,sore flute ,my aching numb ,er shining pocket !


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