Monday, September 20, 2010

Shape ,Mister

mice and clouds ,crowds and .dice
pistoled in the soup my foggy one
and the cone compaction like a dog
I was ,parking in the suit my
hush nickel droned and cloned ,it
self a bone slobbered at a wall
.the throat pile missile ,S reaction
foaming in my loot those sacks of
air farting in the hall ,lice and
louder “thought” )of whistled lake
and( .my barking foot

Float Off

block half ,ass root ,bumbled
core shadow toasty like my
dimness crystal ,halfway in the
box .raft boot my ,rumbled
door across the coughing-hall .L
ashed night ah thinnest one !ah sn
ore and hoof !bash the clockwork
dump an whi le an whi ne o spread
the couch fire on your roof my
)roof thinking under water(

Rat Out

the double throng the blister
cage the dampness on my nos
tril ,gate and should .at’s
trouble mister ,pages waved in
rain ,my late wood with ter
mite lit ,whatta wait off !,un
der da dome my meandered
boom ,my wheelish lint ,my
cubic bomb forming in the glass

butter your ear
gag your armpit

spill your

chew bomb
grunt stick
sock the law

tumbling an tumbling



dribble ,lock
the tummy shack

facial corn you throt

bender loom
mouse and hot

cheese ,lather

fist my ice
page fur

the nekkid the trace


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