Tuesday, May 19, 2009


knots and gnats my sour
shoulder cuts across the
airway where my ashlake
dries beneath the wind a
crisply corner of my
eye refolds and
wallows in my throat I
crawled the weeds and
smouldered in a rain I
had I had forgotten

The Buried

just joking I was just
jerking at the lengua
pad a jump a chert
scraping the back of
my leg ah hole in
the dirt where a
torso dreams or
“dreams” in its throttled
mist a bath of splintered
mud and tongues


shaky gas ,tongue a guide
the smouldered desk my th
umb runs cross the sticky
comb I changed my face
into ,a sheet of soaking
paper where the fading plan
.the chair gushes like a
sink my pants a window
shade what “confession” drib
bles on the floor what
mud crumbles in the ash
I raising in my wired hands


dug my toe into your back and
floundered there a cubesteak and
a number of .ruts and grease a
towel torn up by’s roots your
cawing pantsleg flapped a
gainst the anty trunk .haw
and howl the heaven’s drift

Lapsed Wish

shudder the lamp sung bullets
clanking in the cistern where
yr toilet fingers ,pencils
stuck ,flags I coughed
against ,doubles an billows
farting in my sleep .usher
out it ,ándame .for I
col um lapse ,want to
sleep without the light


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