Thursday, May 14, 2009

Key Site

sleeber foco ,yetz to knuck
les in my armpit ándale
.el mercado glows in’s even
ing thunder ,distant ,gristled
,sundered from my hip the
crashing drill your gasp the
cleavered path estimates
the lice of loss ,lips ,leaders
,laundry ,locks falling down the well

Sube la Luz

fastidiado ni fantasioso ¡o mi
lumbre negra! tiple y tru
ncado insolvente ni insolente
,la pústula brumosa de mi
fenestral ,hay viento ,un
sentido único ,formalizante
,tralala y trasmontano .xipe
me xiente ¡o já y jalar!
lo que veo no existe ,como el
agua que se fué como el a
gua que era ,erial de alborada


your thumb cancer ,wrinkled
brake your cuffs too
float ,mud inaction ,cave
shutter cranked against my
“skull” it’s a soccer any
.piles and miles ,a phone
blinks where the cliff drops

Spoke in the Throat

rather slabbed or knot ,rather
micsolation bubbled in my soup
oh where ?issue lint ,cluck
fonética ,pummeled too the
toed line my cancellations
.the giggling rat beneath my
desk .cling outside and mix
your gutter all night wrong


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