Thursday, May 21, 2009

Uncle Umber

the under cancellation plate the
crummy taste of splattered
rabbits twitching down the
road oh unca wiggly pond
for me )the cash scrawled
cage( slang the door .so
fork it up an off twisty
one spray my noodles
on the sofa sot to say diwan
.cheese and rebar stacked
against the door


slave the nostril light a view
inside the cave slumber wet
the flowing dice or eyes .blown
my head a part or what
I chewed before the pillow
gas and feather flame my
air’s instinct I changed the
hair inside my hat .my
numbered mask crawls in me
turns aback and looks at me a new


chase the cob and shit your corn drain
the cob and slab your meat cob sod the
cob and dry your pencil nuts the cob
and fork your seizure pelt the comb cob and itch
your faucet bang the cob and fell your changing
plunge the cob and fling your upper closet cob

Book Bun

slab half drinking off the
rumbled shoe sound of
stroking out the door sh
at an crusted bother
fork your toosome stake
burning in a hole oh inky
ladder measle lunch in
cumbrance dawdling in my
eyesight was a sticky
shadow wet inside the page

Bibliothèque Noyée

faced the streaming basement and
a rusting clock my face sm
ashed at ,twisto-like ,name o’
pissing on the books like so
aked the throat I so long
I kept ,speaking clear but’s
stuffed .with sand and s
ticks .bored I chewed a rock
and sloshed beside the boxes
,filled with mould and light


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