Friday, May 8, 2009


eco nimio o nómico yr assoline yr
push against me crisp an whining why
I efectivo burns beneath my chair
yr coins hot an oily on my eyes that
bucking on my tongue o gnomic ego
danced into the toxic spill my
eyen end paid .what bubbles up
what simmers down what stiffened
socks sleep beneath the bed my
coughing wallet grins against yr neck


el azúcar nimio el azúcar
fofo el azúcar sugar where
yr indecision grins across el
restaurante de mis calcetines
de arena tejidos mis comas
,entre ,palabras ,¿qué ,quieren
,decir? dicen balazos dicen
numbers dicen shutters que
estallan fotos dicen lúmenes
dicen a medianoche cuando el
sol bebe en mi ojo derecho


bunk fortress ,lab supply ,lushy
dust blinks inside the nickel
crashing in yr pocket una
bomba fútil trace of list the
splash yr face thrown off
el sueño gasolinera ,fake
blankets wrapped around the
jambe que brûle .sonido listo
torta de insecticida inrespirada
)tengo la boca abierta


tell me nostril tell me lumber
tell me wrassle off the lead
ership or tell me rafted cor
ner in my liquid screech ,uh
,listing of the form hogs .bles
sé me fuí ,nada radicalcificado
,mi fotogénico ,sugared ,lodal
,misted tell me where’s the
baño nor my drunker lung

The Yawn

pill drop ,flag rent ,fart luster
when my dampened boil lit the
floor .too shaky ,brought the
sunk wheedle far too close I
saw the sink .where dead leat
hers stiffen in the plastic bags
my what drenched blower dren
ched an gust .o sabor blaster hum
!neck id beet fork your school
shooting your spread erection your
name or floating crust


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