Friday, May 1, 2009


blood neck heap neck stone
neck lash neck lot neck
sink neck boat neck tool
neck bat neck foot neck
chore neck lamp neck claw
neck itch neck doubt neck
gash neck glove neck stink
neck dog neck enter neck
fool neck rub neck hash
neck dry neck sot neck
meat neck mute neck slash
neck met neck slant neck

Road Rot

snap the corner of your laughing-shirt
and .triste eras ,twisty ,tongue-thighed
or whistle glopped ,made the soup
tongue mist you mourned the concrete
floor .ash and lunch ,dogs and
ladders stumbled across the
“room” or was that a pool ?blind
dollars to wipe your .that’s a
boy ,spray it off ,spray it out
:the creeping sandwich labeled with
your doctor visit )or your highway
swishing past the window(


4 necks the 4 cancers the
4 blows and 4 shoes the
4 drinks the 4 pants the
4 snows the 4 cranks the
4 lows the 4 necks the
4 piles the 4 idiots the
4 crawls the 4 votes the
4 smokes the 4 shapes the
4 slots the 4 darknesses the
4 booms the 4 blocks the
4 doors the 4 scratches the
4 the’s the 4 ropes the

Double or Nothing

loops and tunnels grease an
glass sob and blast rinse
and rent teeth and tense
smoke and smile rash and
roll blood and blink thumb
and slam sleep and sinks
use and less rip and
rest gash and guest ham
and heel blow and bomb


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