Thursday, May 14, 2009


entered nagging entered fogused
entered lubely snaking toward
the crackling table at’s your
limper one guts there it’s stoo
ped an stolid ,aged my like
it “is” it blown the grunt
crumbs before my eye .no
“utter” I sat there just a
)heap of arms a nose(


nodding a while an ,dented
tomb flag na .guzzle the
,aim trunt ah sagonomics
what’s my shorts wink !nah’s
wrinkled foam I spit the
cloud that scribbles me that
knifer focused in the drained
hat .where I slumped be hind
garage was blinded by the


wurst ate and co lapsed in
to my drizzled gorner .lent
es lent my . busy camera or
my bursting tooth what seize
what claims the fork lint
.eh I scrawled my ,uh ,name
gruel ,ended crisply funneled
toward the bed an gristled
sleep .where I shone inside
your grease

Stunned Coin

my stunned feet my hip
sugar my flopped loot
my cash stinging my cheese
hand my tripe wreath
my knob foam my tooth
rain my singing pants
my loud steam my lock
gristle my tongue laundry
my stop luggage my spill
gunning my half hallway
my pool mucous my hair
drink my sagging crystal
my fog folder my coin

Spoon Text

cheek soup my lung gate lo
bs across my face I said to
you ,a hopping finger ,dusty ,fla
ks o skin seeping aire !en mi
corastone mi lado labio ,crust of
tentativo where the books sure
burnt .burns the spoons drop
down the well your foot cluster
shaped into my breath I wrote
it down again


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