Friday, May 15, 2009

Skull or Bag

brain neckrosis ,dime retention
,hover I could nor laminate by
you but .nent closer brent ,t
he signal gash lettered ,borted
shoe I sraw ,madster of the
rash .or lean grushing ,pie
flame falling off my legs
.on the drive I saw the
,crashing reflux in your arms
a sweating head
what might be me

Foot Loose

at’s ever gone ?at’s wristled
noosely for the thug brick
cashed ?mitey and itched ,the
toast you throat my surely
knuckled clamplight aged my
hair you here .the foam
neck bristled and my
pullout glasped an blinked my
tamer you ,guttered on the floor

Shirt Look

long stunning I was ambolined
was nut an crystal suitcase stu
ffed with soups oh crawed an
drinky ,tooth !my share your
corndam lunking stared ,flavor
sunked ,the thumbping stand
a while an up the grit buckle
stoppage ,pants too tight ,o
pen the lid and drink your
sleeve ,that’s dangled from the stare


plotted to recede and number
hosing toward the landscape
inkling touseled shudder at
me backside hips adeep .ton
o knots or’s not half regal
just a lentless puffing mud
ded rope crowns my neck .I
flooded you I blotted me I
nlamed you instant of the
fog released into the mirror


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