Thursday, May 7, 2009

El Otro

stun the lamp soak the
ringing tooth my endure
it seizes hunger for a
pistol pencil goats and
clinkage or was that
ghost nor drinking from
my crumpled sock .but
t never foamed inside
the pants )you said( my
gristle slowly blinking in
your shirt


deader than ,stammered ,swerved
beside me ,cornered ,high lum
ber aged with gun ,you or bill
me ,why’s a clackclack ,fenestrated
and I dozed inside the bowl .clic
king on the phone the rug steams
my stunned breath an owl lathers
in my hair I see you leave the
door leave the ladder leave the
single nickel rolls across the street

La Revuelta

lunkbotomy .tool ,uh hand .cloud
rafters plates of drink .the spin
ning coughs the .dour fog the
stings your ,oops a gas a meal
scattered on the balcony .try to
synch .utter a troot mass spla
bpted out the window where a
wind turns back and passes you


gummed the lurks and crunks “I”
“was” ,notted or ,pillowed ,dunged
gated with a cat an too much
churns .oh whump I was !blotted
lap an leered around the basement
steps )tumba( tome of thumbers
coined with grease an coded
legs I looked way up and saw a
tunnel where my face should be


gas an rinsing ,flog an fly ,rent
whistle buttered in the sandwich flu
shing in my throat I couldn’t see
you ,never toweled ,never lan
ded in the crosshairs where the clock
turns off ten cycles of the laundry
time returns like margarine in your
shorts .pull the belt an shut yr
ringing ,yank off yr face an
wave it like a flag


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