Friday, May 22, 2009


insulation ,gut screw ,timing’s
ladder off the days you
drizzle in ,cobs and gumwads
,necks and filthy sleeves yr
boat gristle cleft behind all
this’ my tumbreled ID shirt
my growling sandal beneath
the bed my woozy doorstop
my cash swamp steaming
with your words like’s
doubled smoke sleeping in
my tepid lobes my throat a
cave or asshole learned to shout


blood tossing ,name’s wurst
foam congealed beside my
gum where “thinking teeth do
loom” my soup a storm lashed
past what I could still “forgot”
ah spends and dusts !my wrist
rains my thirst isolation of
“your” twisty one a spongy
bag of vittles or my cow-like
text .the sausage shines it’s
sinking and my swallowed sand
wich glows before its end


the skull banner trod the
nape licquor stink the
stumbled towel I wadded
in my crotch I fell “a head”
and grabbed your arm swarmed
with mice .focused on that
milky puddle .framed and whistled
dubbed and spotted off my
plate of “reeky beans” and
clotted with a spoon my
boneless head flapping in the wind


isolation crust ,drops of mayo
raining down my pants I eyed
your throat .the pustule there’s
a fountain and my dirt congeals
.the trip’s soaked the chewed
salad’s gagged into a ball and
pockets .so my tuna’s lost my
hands a vacuum held before my
face stunned it’s dribbled
beauty wallowed in my cough
yr ghost of tonsils out .could
n’t aim nor could I talk it out


the dogs of floor and I was
pluzzled lacked a leaf was
shored and draining in the
closet thought of cows and
shirts crashing rabbits and my
ribcage full of light .that
arffing on the ladder or was
it barf or barf ?my ton gate
flabbers in the bombing rain my
slippers melt into the rug my
plosive explanation plays upon
yr pistols pens piles and pools
.my parking canine plies my name


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