Monday, May 4, 2009

Los Insectos

dusty buzzing ,below the wall ,half
an orange quivers with ants and gravel
,el lodo seco de mi cara mi cara carona
dormida hes ,hescrito ,hesperado ,hill
with papers scattered ,break a hike
.my lung blisters cluster on your
cheek is that the way ?the pounding the
pounding the pounding a bus sweats
and’s cornered by the temple ,lug
gage burning in the plaza

Saw What

feel the afterschlock why banging at
the single stone clung inside yr sock my
pill grave bright with lint oh storm
your shorts and cuddle what .foster
ham an glisten here ,ache it off ,tie
one up ,cordones cristalinos que mis
tumbas agargantan ,detelefonazo es
.puro lago where my foot forgets ,your
blanker scuds your towel an ant my
dozen sinks )my sinking( about your
steady noise jumps against my eye

Wet One

oh please no floor and split the
walls an edge is learning an tu
caca floats across the lake .der
retido que brilla con su dialéctica o
posicional .azúcar y pocilgas ,tumba
teniente de semillas .yr fork lights
yr nodding thumb against my eyes
my spooned nodule thumping in your
throat why half the house es aire
.la mitad ,el desaparecido ,la lupa ,el
nogal de niebla donde la puerta
debe estar ,está tu ser aguanal


booming luggage in the sausage
clan the men are glancing at the
jungle’s edge Floresta de la Lu
na chew your phone .the knife
muzzle ,clock soup ,dang throated
slipper coughed across the shout the
warehouse flickers in a thunderstorm
)your flaming napkin( lost my hat in
el viento letrado my “toilet kit” a
growling ball of mud


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