Thursday, April 16, 2009


age of clamplight chew the
page condensation sort of fogus
in my eye I chaining you
each link a guess .what the
bubble said was that a gum
.lock the ash against my
throat an fumble bees my
head my nod my chummy
vacuum steeping tiny
pots of blood .yeah ,it’s
tool creation ,chipping at the knee

Knot Is

is grunt is foam is rot is
palace is lung is sugar scum
is long ice and dirt is
pun is slave is root is map
is rice is ink is rat is
meander is nuts is fork
is stammer is lock is
smell is headache is aim
is tumor is embolism is
must is make is low
is tube is tune is got is
bleeding is rabbit is wind is knot

Mud Bath

muddy hamster or your leg in
tusion clogged the stop an
gristle loudly hammed and
coughed the fog .utter its
and that boiling clutter in your
shoes could dust retain ?w
hat measle toed the line ?it’s
a ratty bullet “lodged” against
your spine and so you “think”
.dozens and buzzing .use of
foghorns and the street fills
with soppy clay your towels


aim the loops and cluck the
way’s a head a lapping
back to toilets and your
brimming bowl .my soup my
fundus cashed and blinky
.ape your mirror retraction
spin beside the crackers
where your hand’s an it
chy basket ,tubular
,lessor phonemed ,gushed
with ants and icecubes
,stunning like a lightbulb


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