Monday, April 20, 2009

A Knot

pull yr coffin toward the fridge a
stool inside is grinning like a
turd your laughter ziplocked in a
coldcut wallet greasy thumbed a
spinach misted on the walls a
trashcan tumbling toward the steps a
finger raised your sleeve a
hoser slapped against yr face a
thumping slows behind the door a

Smoke Text

blang nudder sumpin stinky in that
book you tossed between yr
knees was that a rotten cat
head an orange with sticky hair
?the faucets sing the bathtub
crawls with smile my belt my belt
is twisting like a thumbnail where
the beetles cluster .wave yr feet
,lung bugs ,push yr nodding off the
smouldered page

Sopa de Arroz

bush cracked casas de lodo
tu fanganal de cesta ,in
cesto cuando en el espellejo
miras un cocodrilo or soupy
finger wagging in yr ashole
.no no ,cómetelo .funny time
all right ,whadda heapa thrash
!mortífero ,muleta ,mondar the
pencil ,kinna limp it was
,where the rice leaked out

Clumb Up

change the ladder coughing sla
b the tenedor against yr blooding
eye so that’s the crispy dung the
askew focus in yr shirt lubri
cation name it for me so that’s
a “fork” .up an runging ,half
plodded like a tank beneath
the thirst oh comb yr ton
que y fumar la revista vis
ta )what thinks below yr chair(


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