Thursday, April 2, 2009


eve r nape muddy widda humo
tocado ni tomo arena .arenisca
que laver o lencua lavado I hope
.een never never wasis .asta tranca
como widely tasty or ¿was you
neh mantel ahogado? shaking in the
neck wooden maderita fogonal y
tografixco un fog surtido de sugar
scum some “dog” lamp dusty in the
toilet paper

Wet Flight

esk me nut trasca temporal que
yo me singles flatter dome tu
asqueros o tu shorn mutts no panta
lones taves the shadow sorn .busta
meat ma tón mustique .leave it off
.dry to tame o mama n ta lêvre s
wallows all my .ept to dlance nlever
mrind ah crancel tall the smokes !nim
chichén hondonada y tu bocón mojado
fulla bats


ondamatic I could nob the
sandle flume awalkly I
,was nates and nattered ,soap
runner scalded in ehn shu
rt .trens mortar ,slimney
huddle slort the ladder spoo
l dober splend the tool uh
mote moat .orb an lobber
,blent an fenster open hall
the light I schlept .so
you an N could ap an
drain plunge an crawl the
cowl )or caulk(

9 Quaffs

9 slathered drinks against my neck
9 hot buttons on my floating pants
9 holes with listened teeth inside
9 balls rocking in a cave
9 steps below the drinking platform
9 hammers falling off a roof
9 swallows before you choke a shirt
9 breaths beside the burning bathtub
9 glasses recall the dust you drank


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