Tuesday, April 7, 2009


,otear y ,fumble one ,nada simple
,escampar la ,window grease an
,bullets snore ,moho en tu ,stroking
,shadow of a ,mute y mudo ,um
ber cash ,la caca nal ,gas or
pork ,shoot ‘em ,barazo que ,for
nido ,sugar leg why ,until now
,cost of ,hawking ,piedra vacía
,aletas de tu ,nervous ham ,a
tundra tumba a lago fieltro a
shaking trance against the door


action reactiva where the floater crimes and
river nostril likes ,cumbered thorax what
you blistered ,elotewise ,slumbered where the
mouthy number inactivo throats yr tube
condition what a fork tendentious ,lomismo
da y doy te doy un tenedor .told me
with ,lambiscado ,clicked an cornered in
the thunder slopes or cold like ashed
sardines in your icebox shoe yr sock a
blanket stuffed with scales

Lo que Cae

la bosta que cae el libro que cae la
tumba que cae el lúmen que cae la
camisa que cae el dolor que cae la
computadora que cae el nadar que cae the
nether falling the compaction falling the
dollar falling the commission falling the
lumber falling the tumblers falling the
liberation falling the busted falling


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