Friday, April 17, 2009

Half Empty

yr water hat dance yr topiary
shoe leakage stood up straight
the upper floor rumbling in the
faucet you were gargled soaking
fist inside yr mouth blubber mask
like a chicken corpse yr face
whistled in the towel knot a
cross yr throat just breathe
and swallow all that hose the
window panes are melting
like your eyes floating in a glass

In Your Pocket Folded

the puzzle nostril coughing at my
dripping shirt oh lung a way
or ,what’s a called an “a”?
your finger aimed the headache
hole is oozes double tongued
what standout mildews that’s
the moisture’s ring a numb
er in yr backside where my
archive thinks forgets
.the question gleaming in your hanky


sung the buzza lake me
trestle sagging long the
wetness down there .pour
and skim ,no slab release
or tousled .ah my hum
doom ,my wrist collapsed
beside the boulder where a
drizzling thumb... what’s
the cost deposit what I
said at’s matted in the
stinking trunk

Sot Wood

bull dour ,map lint ,truss
fungus and a painted wall
.with heads and guns ,a
flower in the skull or
“lantern” hissing from re
lease .the pace of lum
ber sinking in the beach


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