Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Couch Slash

slash rinse and hop the
cash lamp sorda rending to
be spindle the sample the
suckage throat ah what’s
densely brought ,table’s heaving!
grist or grease ,tongue or tank
,threads focused and your wallet
leans against a dog .the bubbled
loop sped or fraught the couch

Lake Lucre

lubber you ,nut lobe ,craca spender
lo que throaty se hunde ,piece a
,fonar ,fumar ,fumo .chose the
“lugck” tube )was a nota( ham
duh chaser clam and lift the lid
.onda’s left ,el aire’s lift ,la clo
aca’s corn and shingles get the
pan .sartén ahogado like my
face nickel ,twenny pesos
in the lake

Torn Door

dentorno de mi ,nudo nulo la claca
apestosa cake oh chore slapped wit
greasy waves ¿qué veo? enster labo
ratorio que te hespero en la
hesperión mútil )osa( dormida
en mi bed the blankets stink I
saw the flag light spittled in the
window crashed mi jaqueca en el
lavabo sunk my sudden shirt
.a loud it was and my crage uh
“cage” a whistle outside the door


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