Tuesday, April 21, 2009


wish for dog and ,guest re
lease you wish for sore
and toilets wish for closets
bright with burning shirts a
cucumber rotting on the
windowsill you wish for
ice and boiling clouds a
plunge into the scummy
lake with hair you
wish for eyes and legs
a doorway filled with eggs


flag the dust and neck the
dust and time the dust and lose
the dust and grunt the dust
and pill the dust and climb the
dust and name the dust and claw
the dust and mumble the dust
and bill the dust and fold the
dust and number the dust and
lick the dust and bolt the dust
and dry the dust and fill the
dust and vote the dust and
bomb the dust and fly the dust


your flist cash your neeed le
aim of ,lunk test ,shaman
kneeling in the muck .the head
birds an a drift of brags a
gainst yr leg your leg itch
enchantment craws outside
the gated cave .your lum
py throat your crystal th
umb your woven hair
.an insolation and an opened hand

Hee Hee

tops the shadow waves the
leg a name condoors a
pusilánimo que gates and
slams your foto nods why
vendedor an soupy fell in
to the bowl .such an legup
such an sodden shirtsleeve
slagged across yr face
.misturation ,combnation
,lagorrhea an nothin tops
it off .have nickel an
float yr giggling tonsil

Leaden Lids

draped the faucet with yr
tongue an what’s to re
member ?isolation in the
craw up there ,tanto monta
sugar .streets and plastic
bags ,fog machines shudder
in the banks an you turn
the grifo for a distant sp
urt .pinch the waffle an
open all the coffins in yr face

What I Said

what I guzzle what I waffle what
I ambulate what I order like
what I single what I multiplate
or a sandwich what I slug
inside my cheeks’ a ball of
ants I what I swing an
slug what I sombra what I
somber what I salad in my
pocket soggy with yr
vinaigrette and caulk’s
it what I sampled in the
waiting room what I stoned
outside the wall what I bal
anced on the thundered tongue


fustigante ,fibrillation ,fono
pestel where yr crispy
neck inhaled )the glassy
sand( a pustule or a
pancake ,waves of lad
ders crashing on a beach
your sloshy “thought” ,pro
ceso de ,cesspool gleaming
in a cave you sleeping at
the mouth where bats and
bees are swirling some
thing static in your throat


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