Friday, April 24, 2009

Pie de Pollo

meet the slinger foam against yr
puller focus hymn scuds across yr
lids o gunning sleep mute faster
ham than .ditch with pullets
filled the fumes arise and stain
your grainy face .sueño de fau
ces un labio extensivo wiggles
into my ear .where a bird foot
scrabbles in the wax


a dozen instants a dozen ashes a do
zen footfalls a dozen angles a do
zen pencils a dozen boilers a do
zen specials a dozen foghorns a do
zen ammunitions a dozen huhs a do
zen lubrications a dozen fills a do
zen submarinos a dozen clocks a do
zen fumbles a dozen a las anchas a do
zen temblores a dozen names a do
zen clouds a dozen pedos a do
zen collapses a dozen pools a do
zen pillowed faces a dozen forms
a dozen pelts a dozen guns a do

The Forking Wrath

split the plants rage the sleeve or
said an drizzled tonguely stamping for
th a spoonrest where my open mou
th .aims the wallet sand ,dimes or
domes bristling in the sun what foc
us drains its light what knob greases
through the sabered dinner or was that
hunching ?slit the stems an dodge ,a
fungus grinning on the wall a fork
where my pit finger oughta be


composite ,danced ,heaping ,“cha
nged” ,leap across the stinging
knee ,summered ,stunned ,sin ca
misa ,chumping ,ornitología ,alma
,mosca ,túnel ,blooms and thighs ,tum
ba ,mot ,shimmer ,toilet water
,dancetería ,glottis ,fumar ,your hee
l fog ,your nod rinse ,your lumbar
ash ,your ponding in the closet ,you
r itch meter smoking in the sink


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