Monday, April 27, 2009

Es Pejo Es Pellejo

the stent your pencil melts in
side the clanging cage or break
fast box the smoke that never
left la puerta murmuradora en
el lado listo de tu cabezón in
fantil uh mesa inmaterial uh
cóbrame la lapicera incarnada de
mi brazo embarazo .the code re
treats my head inhales your
tongue revolves inside out and’s
sliming down the mirror

I Saw

was I layered in yr neck was I
doubled in yr page was I
sandwiched in your lunging bag was I
melted in your pour was I
gasoline in your shouting dice was I
faucet in your instant moth was I
plenty on your boiler wrist was I
single in your fog position was I
numen in your mile was I
hunted in your shoelace was I
was I asked outside your ear was I

Blow It

blot the rabbit scribbling in your
lap the circled eyes that see
your gushing from inside my stom
ach’s all grunty from them be
ans liquid mists between my
teeth .that buzzing in my ear
your hawhaw japes ah
crackinoid !the drifting hill and
bombination “fights” the “sky” your
page my clod your bull my sonar

No One

the none lap the none boil the
none seem the none song the
none languor the none came the
none boiling the none hamster the
none drifts the none calf the
none cramps my leaking arm the
none whistle the none golly the
none scampers the none cash the
none danced the none cratered the
none useless the none hunched the
the none coughed the none heard the


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