Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P Sot

the stop height the stop swallowed the
stop singulation the stop hump the
stop ladder the stop flunk the
stop after the stop lung the
stop lunch the stop fuel the
stop growls the stop hunk the
stop button the stop cancer the
stop salami the stop wrassle the
stop cordon the stop wallet the
stop plunging the stop coughing the
stop folder the stop stop the
the stop hammer the stop leak the

Slow Up

bluster in the cogitated afterspurt the
wallow where your double brays and
flits its lit stinging cómo sabes na
da o natal que es lo mismo que
tu strumming wire on your leg con
traption is it it is a rinse an
cycle lamination of the clangor
watch what “circles” in the
fanganal or lentil soup the
sopa lenta de tu vista vincular

Two Up

a 2 fisted a 2 numbers a 2
thumbing a 2 rift a 2 sides a
2 plate a 2 gun a 2 smothered a
2 crust a 2 hum a 2 mist a
2roster a 2 boiled a 2 lost a
2 crossing a 2 whole a 2 splinters a
2 creeps a 2 lucks a 2 hash a
2 metal a 2 exploding a 2 white a
2 glottal ammunition a 2 thin a 2
clotting in the soup a 2 gushed a 2 it
a 2 hew and dry a 2 muds a

Puzzle ,Drenched

drench the atom or nor mes de
culebrina case me truncheon lapped
ah hanh the hips regress – plusvalía
- dented thumb my – halve the
skull rental what’s the tune que
miento nientes ,núbil enfoco la
golondrin a temporal .sunch a
calambering sunch a fladt master
where em idtch revolves ,un por
quería o “a” es, tone flattened
.the puzzle ,drifting


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