Thursday, December 9, 2010


the crust grins )( and your clad spoon
muscle load loaned )( creeping shallow said
torn closet neck )( lucky the crown clown
my luggage nap regrets )( flaming glee horn
fry your door dog )( ear in the river beneath

your eye clutters the cloud () steak your butt
water the glum snore () the letter awakes and smiles
too bad your shoe mopes () knee the shining steps
mute and deep your running () keep your weakened hair
oh my naked fork () the marrow sighs


The Dusty Ring

back end froth °° dogs sink
learn your mirror °° stack chumber
flogging flogging °° dink suit
phone the crapola °° shunned drink
shot the shot °° runny one

It Never Ends

god my tongue gg sort ,ship shape
dung and peel gg bobbing skull
cheek loot gg hung ,drag ,time
flatter than neck gg the thumb swallow
bring gun lint gg gag ,scrawl ,wheel

Fermentation Slope

clicking and stung ;; gut tent
sheep nor cheese ;; I counted the clock
the math passes ;; boiling room
just a fly ;; glass the gas
tome bust ;; falling hair

Clod Singer

weevil ,crust ,dent U gore shot
tiny trust U meaty gun
nacre ,saw ,boom U flaw scrim
ballast and slumber U tongue my throat
cut ,start ,crank U fog singers


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