Monday, December 13, 2010


sap gleam C trot my fog
lop spied H rant nor feel
gutter clapper U crunt its neck
goil doom G fanner said chin
doggy spiel S inch my salad

summer or duck S sot lacquer
cheese drink fried G glue clot
banish it cow U fawn dual
prys some heel H gutter cream
beep or stone C flagger dorm



dottle neck C beak the same
foam gut L space sigh grey
chew log O squat sack test
blow dream U melt my trump
flag craw D wipe the nair

gristle of tree D bog sent
shy your mule U tug cram
wallet its dog O seem crud
plank what strolls L gas ted
middle of grime C phone clod



suit cluster P fleas and air
sleeting form H corn damp sink
cheese hand O knife slick dime
crash spoon N gnats steamed file
loom crust E neck and moat

bull or boil E gun cloak
why was stump N call crawl
napping the link O fled drawl
past what brings H gall slump
mutt or ear P stew think



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