Sunday, December 26, 2010


my dimed O sentence earns a bull
dogs and lice conslabulation O singer goal
sot tumbler O age your thinking slunk
positronic shorn bone luck O hash stink
my runt O doubled gut lacks flies


chopped my shudder off <> game
crock <> my sinking ear shell
bloodied in nattered smoke <> bugs
ducks <> wind in beak writhing
tool falls in east <> jumper


suited clamor -□ mind gone a whey
block my nodding link □- juice bent
flooded mule -□ the thirst of air
the mindful knot motes □- gauze seal
like rust -□ my cap a jawbone


fossilize your door compaction || chunk
bit || ableize my chopping in the mattress
fungus burn and louder corn || long
meat || the job congeals and spoiling
fire chance spitting at the crawl || hole


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