Monday, December 20, 2010


running door C page of neck
clam heel L was I short?
muscle hung O fish or slaps
bream ,towel T my clods game
bustle shade S dreaming of snore

floor or steam S paid crust
name my plot T growl cream
naps and ditch O lung rustle
I was bort L feel ham
wreck or rage C gore stunning



molt oh D fawn crud
leper negck I change strew
blonde roof C root sock
eh mutt K slom trust
came lot S buster throat

swallow pal S park lefts
cough corn K feline ha
ear flag C cellar ink
bunch stuck I crotch drink
jewel arf D nah skin



made lump S pot turd
focus lint T drawl rime
met hole U gunner soot
cheese neck C cost grommet
mine bores K lube gnat

shat tube K shore grime
habit faucet C wreck bees
loot sunner U whole ,wet
dime crawl T mint locus
word clot S dump shade



jostled in my sandwich where your
hair glistens in the mayo washer
plodding down the sidewalk where
my creamy toilet’s number shell
cracks across my trees your bal
ding beach blinking in the burning surf


chased my cloudburst you a golf
ball mildewed in my soapdish
what the mist dried like ziti
in your lap a dozen masks g
runt and chain inside the soup
closet dribbly with your dogwash

You’re Made Of

blotter frenzy cap of T-Bone
saucer spinning toward the
picture frame a lungless d
uck flavoring my hill and
caw no louder than accel
eration that’s the grunt


shower leakly flopper stop
the crystallizing of my sought
pomade it’s sacred what I
shoveled on the towtruck was
your tube infarction coleslaw
dancing crumble thighs )gasoline


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