Friday, December 17, 2010

Fuel Seco

hombre portátil ш slower stairs
chunk slumber ш caca armada
rumbo ninguneo ш chert suit
froggy tongue ш casa nonada
lago andado ш neck fork


costra mortal ¨ my shorter sack
lung and double ¨ foco plural
portal sembrado ¨ sung my foot
blocks the fart ¨ leña risible
res neblina ¨ storm or back


jewel or leg ơ clock or pile
drink or fall ơ shirt or sand
plug or neck ơ dank or cry
mule or mile ơ hump or link
shot or seem ơ loop or was


necrología ,spoon o— knocker fort
lint correction —o boiling, fastoline
chump ,clawfish o— mute regarding
sump condition —o jerk ,meandering
fonología ,cheese o— pile lung


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