Thursday, December 23, 2010


trash lens curdled in my hand Џ root
couch of flame and score of sleep Џ tool
fought my loop what instance gamed Џ each
spray core ,nod dink ,dent shore Џ pool
lots of slashing ,empty forks Џ fool


neck clot gazing for the door °° ink
mass of pustule ,the fork sinks °° draw
my lumber S my crust beach °° swell
ate your skull shaving ,tested °° gravel
fog and kite ,ash and wind °° meander


mumbling fog name my :: throat
chop and liken ,pages pages :: wool
trace of sardine cuts my :: hand
pull the laundry off ,ouch :: dust
snore the wakeup crawl my :: book

Turn Your

your ash camel ,gutters .&. inch
focus dogbreath ,aim my .&. undies
sucked the stones and coin .&. boil
flag wipe ,snot pools my .&. hat
foggy name ,layer stool .&. cough


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