Tuesday, December 21, 2010


sordo sondeo la carca ~ flooding
peso piso paso pongo ~ esters
la colmena de petróleo mis ~ nadas
cristal mi cumbre pesada ~ socks
chúpame el aire fangoso ~ toaster


felt I bomboclonic ΓΓ called the stone
shot a towel hand ΓΓ bubbled that night
user grated sight of ΓΓ panned the phone
lights and lockers ΓΓ hung the off awhile
chewed the turkey mask ΓΓ feathered some time


slaw gland my heeling ≈ neck
bull fork and tunafish ≈ blood
tail of globbing or my bole ≈ faucet
score the sink the slunk the ≈ torn
splashing slog ahead the form ≈ drain


my bullet north swallows ∆ off hand
came waddled like a stick ∆ some tool
lotsa necks curling in my pocket ∆ peel froth
save the skinless ones ∆ glove ash
my boiler feet my craw ∆ shed lint

For Mal

bush quiet tumbles from the
sky my gate you clamor in
the salad’s dusty marbles oh
I knockwurst chained you my
mustard to the floor the casein
glue you gargled next my suit

Saw It

jumping at my toothbrush what
your flaking grin detailed of
thaw dust clotted in the fridge
my teeth locked up your served
around and toppled like a throat
whistling in the thunderstorm my eye


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