Monday, December 27, 2010


super slumper >< off gate
dog crime >< lumpy tongue
gauge sink >< stool foam
short lung >< dot doubt
hash gland >< born tool


tent whistle ë gnat cave
spinning chump ë slime ghost
dim sugar ë lugger twin
coast grime ë dump grinning
shave hat ë blister spent


moth I caved my mudlust damply
grinning throat I laked your eye
trampoline nor my muddy desk sl
ippery whiner the boghorn toothbrush
floating in my uh dream or index
formulation fading in the clothesless hall

Rat Line

choose stem lumpy or a clogination
thinly flooded dime or dullard
blooms with cottage cheese I
stroked my dent and pacified the
clinger to my elbows pointing froth
and back to what my tongue begins


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