Tuesday, December 28, 2010


jumping and crowding glanced and nu
mbly foggused at the smoking window
where the antbreath reversal stings
my toweling nor your tumba mill re
gains of acid sleep or honeyed
walls I think my hands along


figured sprawl of caulking all the
lentive shallows where my sore
or snore retails that storied wall
I clumped my eye upon some
cumbre other neck I’d clasped
was turning water through the door


foster shadow meal of clanking
nickels down the frame I stepped
my neck through peaks without the
air or clumpwurst holding up my
leg my crawed into the dark sock
fingered hot beneath the bed


sloppy cheek you cornered in the
glower where my mule tooth re
newed the chewing of my stone
storm goggled with an acqua lens
wiggly like a cheese strolled ac
ross the limitation like a hairless dog


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