Thursday, December 30, 2010


shot the crust clue G bread tomb my arm
walked the single cake L spread glue face foam
oh nostril crowd light! O right hole pea stuffed
my cloud stool clawed T streaking off the chair
slumper business in sun T yaxche ,loaf ,hair ,soon
keeping the c rumbled core I the suit sleeve swallowed
spoke a slice and S thought the mute foot

Colon and Dots

pistol salt a :●: lust bean hole
foggy soup shot :●: least glove burping
page the ship :●: thinking off suit
dismember the drink :●: isolation crumb lamp
inhale the flood :●: stacked dung born
my itching glare :●: saw dribble side

Saw Dink

my cup of grit ~:~ your ash and light
your towel clanging tomb ~:~ my solid air time
my nasal claw entry ~:~ your sock dent core
your finial ear loom ~:~ my hash locker vote
my dust lake swig ~:~ your tooth tub clots
your owl map tears ~:~ my single thumb belch
my sink turd revelation ~:~ your eye reversal gate


blaster’s in the neck .||. gun lake cuddled
blinky time fool .||. sopping yet my wind
log turned to dust .||. wishy gash fumes
plunder thirst closet .||. crusted numbers and flames
inscribe the bog book .||. thinking cheese logistics
fumbled moon gravel .||. chew my shoelace bowl
a boiler knot vaporation .||. each tool gags


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