Monday, November 8, 2010

Double Exposure

headlight bun shade
ear field
grin plumber sausage
foot shorts
buddha flop thumb
grunt side
throat tunnel worm
frenchfry belt
belted frenchfry
wormy tunnel throat
side grunts
thumb flopping buddha
shorts footsy
sausage plumber grinning
field earache
shade bunned headlight

Exposure Doubles

From Blaster Al Ackerman’s “These Sort of Double-Exposure Effects Take On Brittle Promise If You’re In Love” – A Hack of JMB texts from Oct. 20, 2010


Shortly the shirt gate burns
Save my flooded comb time
Or gassed the tent leakage
Shaping my skull drifting toward
A tree splintering in a fog


Labored sheet groveled in the gravel
Clinkers on the roof correct the sun
Shot pages flutter in my sleep
Your booming ears close the door
I aspirate a hair and drop my arm


I hustled dodged the pieplate
Ends up sticking to the window
Was an envelope transparent like
My thought was gluey shining
On your forehead after coughing


Short and crusted sandwich chancre
Bled the focus off my gristleing
Natter when you listed me and
Climbed the bookcase gummy with
My combination locks and tumbling


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