Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drawl It

Swell sugar .and the fork
Runt sledge .and a boom
Squall sausage .and the saw
Crank sliver .and a moon
Bunk leakage .and the srunt

Hop Groan

Nodding half . loop stonE
Flaw slumber . drool hopE
Stun rabbit . keep slaB
Rule clicker . book shoT
Glab knocker . bed musclE


Sagging gun .toot file
Soapy lung .stem finder
Wrist trash .sleep gum
Root caver .caulk nail
Wagging stone .tool lip

Some Banging

Go bag the gum .rustle
Then itch the wall .boom
Go file the brick .udder
Then tube the blood .hush
Go slack the wind .drum


Drinks water .crashed the snore
Lock dense clue .drinks water
Drinks water .piles of rat
Cling flooded air .drinks water
Drinks water .nod and swarm

So Wet

Could I shake the water on your eye?
Could I drink the hair falling on your shoe?
Could I dunk the rabbit on your mouth?
Could I drip the algae in your coffee?
Could I dry the tongue coiling in your suit?


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