Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Fire

Bums birds .knack slat slap
Pistol soap got .netted glum
Blast foam .truly shaded rice
Lucky or glut .sand shoe
Mighty yes .knot cloak burns


Gutter sack blown .pull dog
Grab a .faster shrug limit
Guess I spell .torture whistle
Grease lobber .twist lit off
Grow a tumor .plot shirt

File It

Loose but to slaw more
Chopping the form whistle
Gaze and stubble off the mile
Pile or dream ,whet your shore
Lunging toward the glare


Bile of lumber stroking in the sacks
Choose a finger ,lease a dormir
My chigger aped ,bit the air
Flaunt chew ,bug nap ,crease drool
Pay the foghorn when you itch


The roof lint falling
Spray your succotash on the wall
Each of you is calling
Aim the phone and hair
Lots of tripping before the window

Konbu Tower

Loom and giggle ,wear your pants
Time and ants ,comb your toothbrush
Slope and after ,choose a fly
Break and tune ,clip the faucet
Cusp and wallet ,form the laver


Feel issue .wet like dust
Grab my corn .fog hole
Deadly can .pustule hog spread
Shapely scandal nests .rock yard
Blasted spoon .nutty yolk wall


Finger off test .loot hummer
Change soot .cave of lakes
Braise the tar .arf clot
Matter blackly .tame the gore
Gummy land trace .use flare


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