Monday, November 15, 2010


Pool knocker gassing off the thumb
Skate your eye lint
Change a mote or slovenly
Booth stunner named my cloud
The cage inflation ,lift my sock

Rotting Fruit

Patchy lint clustered on your elbow
Ease the phone into the pool
Dog cough ,must halation ,bust number
The lung count you muttered in my rear
Meat the hanger and your twitching fly

Lo Que Cambia

La fonética de tu culo
Comer la carga olvídate del aire
Sondear el aguacate de tu manga
Sobrar la sopa recordada de la cama
Mis lunas negras en el fondo de la tina

Lo Acordado

Peluca y cerillo ,gancho de piedra
Elevarte el zapato izquierdo y duérmate
Masticar el codo el muro soñado
Aseverar que la nada de tu mano no es
Encájate el calcetín derecho

Yes It Is

Crumble leg .or sooner throat
Past the spoon .nod chancre
Slivers dream .tonnage went mouth
Sooty throat lack .keep sprawling
Knock them .cough stream thunder


Drink the clouds .grease lander
Funnel off .trips the flier
Banged my inch .saw leafs
Dusty larmes .lesson dung floats
Past your bungee .mice colon


Bullets and .ice crackers slip
Broke my rind .pellets gristle
Through wind .doubles my head
Clefting thought .beep storm
Mules clung .hole and fog


Plopping it said .my spraddle
Call thunder .splendid ash comb
Sweaty map luck .fell off
Glowing neck .loaded sack moon
Pleasant walk fell .throbbing dog


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