Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Drown your eyebrow with a hamster .ditch
Punch your plodding with a pool .cob
Itch cluster ,laws ,lake of oil .lust
Lunch your musty throat with dust .caw
Crown your labor with a coprolite .cream


Use gut float gash .mighty pile
Shrugging in the basement mist .loot crust
My snore desmemoriado mas .toot form
Lunchlike swipe yr nalgas .dopy one
Flag hog mic sweat dog lisp .crawling gas


Blap .gutter soap your wallet in
Taste .dog stone flutters past my lard
Pawn .duck swallow beneath the desk
Use .slag flagit drawled the room
Bum .nod toweling soaking in your pants


Butt nickel .plot and comb ,your wheel
Fuel spell .brag the bone sponge ,elbowed
Funnel pill .dupe luggage or ,my sand
Miles of mud .past the drinking ,rage rule
Feathered beast .change the wave ,snake paged


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